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Debt Consolidation

With multiple debts racking up high-interest, you might feel like you’re pouring money into a bottomless pit! Debt consolidation is a great financial method to reduce the stress of debt payments, and manage and organize them much more effectively. Our Halifax mortgage refinance agents provide amazing debt consolidation services so that you can enjoy all of the following benefits:

  • Significantly lowered interest rates
  • All of your debt centralized to one single payment per month
  • Better credit ratings
  • A manageable payment schedule
  • Lowered stress & anxiety

Our talented mortgage agents are always on the lookout for the latest financial industry news and projections, and will help you take advantage of upcoming financial opportunities by transferring all of your high-interest debt into a single low-interest account. With our debt consolidation services you will be able to pay off your debts sooner than you ever thought possible and finally achieve the financial freedom that you always dreamed of! Canada East Mortgages also provides other exemplary financial services such as mortgage refinance, second mortgage, private mortgage, and home financing. Our service regions include Halifax, Dartmouth, Cape Breton, Truro, Amherst, New Glasgow, Bridgewater, Yarmouth, Kentville, Antigonish, Stellarton, and other nearby cities and communities. Contact us today to speak to one of our financial gurus and see how we can help you improve your financial situation with the help of our outstanding debt consolidation services!

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